Blast Foundry is the collaboration of two type designers that decided that they would be stronger together. Blast is an independent type foundry providing quality typefaces and font development services.

Blast Foundry

Our team is dedicated to producing high quality work. Our quirky fonts take the front seat on our instagram page, but we are more than often involved in helping other foundries and studios with their font releases. Our reputation of going ‘above and beyond’ has had our clients coming back for more in the last years. We’ve developed strong relationships in helping other foundries such as CoType Foundry, Indian Type Foundry, and most recently Sociotype.

We believe in a united type design world, so we seek to give back to the community as much as we can – through knowledge sharing, feedback, and lectures.

Barbara Bigosińska

¶ Barbara Bigosińska is a type designer and typographer based in The Hague. She received her master degree in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In 2010/2011 she was a student-assistant in the Lettering and Typography studio. She is an alumni of Type and Media class of 2012/2013.

Barbara has worked with multiple foundries and type designers, gathering invaluable experience. As a partner at Blast Foundry, she is dedicating herself to expanding the foundry’s library, crafting wonderful type specimens, and attending to custom projects for other foundries.

Diana Ovezea

¶ Diana Ovezea is a Romanian-born type designer and typographer, currently living in Amsterdam. She is an alumni of the Type and Media class of 2013. Diana has worked for and with multiple type foundries in the past, which has founded a broad experience in planning, developing, and proofing font families, as well as designing type specimens.

As a partner at Blast, Diana is dedicating herself to developing new typefaces, catering to custom projects for other foundries and agencies, performing quality control work, and recruiting new clients.


Sabina Chipară — support with type development
Ben Prangell — lawyer extraordinaire
Lora Shtirkova – junior type designer
Guido Ferreyra — web development
Rafal Buchner — co-founder and coding magician (2020–2023)