For graphic designers and agencies, we offer flexible collaboration opportunities. Our tailored solutions range from custom fonts to logo touch-ups. For type foundries, we offer a range of services from quality control to expanding character sets, kerning, and producing variable fonts.

Font development

We will work our magic to turn your sketch, logo, illustrator drawing, or reference into a “real font” within no time. We won’t push a 500-characters font on you – you’ll only pay for what you need, keeping costs to a minimum.

Custom typefaces

Some call it bespoke typeface, some call it custom font. It all comes down to the same thing: you get to commission your own typeface, matching your unique needs and wishes. Based on your input, we explore different directions, and we push your idea into fruition

Font modifications

When budgets and deadlines don’t allow for a design made from scratch, a quick and cost-effective solution is to use one of our existing library fonts as a base for a customized design. Whether you want to switch out the default for an alternate glyph, add some custom letters, or just change the font name to something more “bespoke”, we’ve got you covered.

For type foundries and type designers, Blast Foundry offers a range of services from qualitity control to expanding character sets, kerning, and producing variable fonts.

Font family expansion

We can add new styles, weights, or italics to you fonts. We work quickly and precisely, as we have done this type of work countless times. We'll treat your design with care, while expanding the family to suit your need.

Font polishing

You started to develop a great typeface, but more important things got in the way and now the character set is unfinished, the spacing could be better, and the kerning still needs to be done. Also, you notice that that curves can look tighter. Our toolset covers all your font development needs.

Font quality assurance

With our eagle eyes, we can give your font a head-to-toe examination and report any issues we find. We check for consistency in shapes and spacing, missing kerning pairs, quality of diacritics, curve quality, kinks, font production issues, OpenType features functionality, and much more.

Language extensions

We can cover any language and script you need. Maybe you like one of our fonts, but your client needs support for Cyrillic, Arabic, or Greek alphabets. You might require the phonetic alphabet in your font or some missing currency sign. We have a tight network of designers, which specialize in producing foreign scripts, so that we can can cover any language you require.

Variable Fonts

All our fonts come with variable versions. Though variable fonts can still be a bit buggy, we try to stay on top of things. If a stat table, a custom axis, custom font swapping, or a quality check is what you need, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to hit us with any other crazy variable font request, since we’re trying to push our boundaries as well.

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